Creating Sacred Space: How to Organize Your Crystals for Optimal Spiritual Healing

Creating Sacred Space: How to Organize Your Crystals for Optimal Spiritual Healing

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Crystals are known for their healing and lucky properties, making them a must-have collection for many celebrities.

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But as the collection grows, having too many crystals without proper organization not only fails to utilize the crystals' energy but also creates a chaotic corner in the house.

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Recently crystal organization has become a popular trend. By selecting and pairing crystals, you can create a small corner for them and generate a purified and lucky atmosphere.

2023 Spring Moosy Life Crystal Box Workshop

To let more people experience the charm of crystals, we've collaborated with professional jewelry designers and held a crystal jewelry box DIY workshop. 

Moosy Life Aurora Borealis Tray

In the workshop, attendees will receive a beautiful Aurora rectangular glass tray, which they will use to design their own crystal box with the guidance of our teacher.

Aurora Borealis Jewelry Box

Here are three tips to keep in mind while designing with crystals:

  • Sort by purposes: Organize your crystals by their intended use. Keep your calming stones separate from your energizing ones.

  • Group by color: Create a visually pleasing display by grouping your crystals by color. Show the unique beauty of each crystal while making them easier to locate.

  • Use storage containers: Keep your crystals organized and protected from damage by using storage containers like jewelry boxes or display cases.

Moosy Life Aurora Borealis Tray

Selecting the right crystals and creating a unique design is a truly rewarding process. The finished crystal box will not only be a beautiful addition to everyone’s room but also a lucky charm for the family!

Now, Time for you to design your own beautiful crystal box. Don't forget to keep these tips in mind: sort by purpose, group by color, and use storage containers. Have fun and create your unique masterpiece!


"The Aurora Borealis is a natural wonder that fills us with awe and wonder, just like the healing power of crystals." - Unknown

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