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Moosy Life

Moonlight Earring Holder

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The exquisite earring organizer provides you large storage space with the 3 layers design. Each layer contains 13 slots. Totally, it has 39 hooks and slots to help you organize the earring. The ingenious detail design is that there is a bias between each layer. You can organize all earrings, necklaces, rings with great ease!


The stunning rose gold color shines out with gentle polish on the surface. Elevating your earring to a higher level, it also creates an elegant style of your life. Enjoy the good mood from our gorgeous Rose Gold design.


All accessories can be seen at one glance. The transparent acrylic design will be a good helper for you when you want to find something you need. Moreover, it is dustproof with the pull-out design. Simple and clear. Fulfill all you need.


Constructing with premium acrylic, it is also better than glass or plastic. We truly ensure the essence of durability and safety. Neatly arrange all accessories with a firm organizer. Give it a try!


Our exquisite product is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, mom, especially someone who has a lot of earring. It would be best to present your love and enhance your relationship on Valentine’s day, anniversary, and girlfriend’s birthday. Beautiful and practical! All in one!

Display all your favorite earrings, necklace and rings!


Is earring clip available?

With the U sharp bar, it can organize most of the accessories including earrings, rings, necklace and bracelet. But there are countless accessories type. You can also message us to confirm.

How many pairs of earring can be hold?

Around 15-20. Depends on the size of earring. Here are 39 holes for earrings. 

Would the rose gold get rust?

The rose gold looks like metal but it's actually heat transfer of special material paper. It's rustproof forever.

Would the acrylic get yellow?

Our first rose gold product began in 2015, we keep our first sample and it's still clear as new one. All the acrylic material are top class made in Taiwan.